Your Cure for Headline Stress Disorder

Is the news these days freaking you out?
Then you could be dealing with a case of Headline Stress Disorder.
For many people, continual alerts from news sources, blogs, social media and alternative facts feel like missile explosions in a siege without end, emphasizing that in many ways, current news can leave us feeling helpless to create change.

This week, I offer to you 3 solid ways to get you out of the news cycle funk and back into a good headspace.
How About Some Good News for a Change?
Along with the headline stress disorder cures, I wanted to offer up 3 fun and inspiring news stories that happened this week that you may not have been aware of…mostly because the media is too wrapped up in the political dumpster fire that’s causing so much fear and panic.

Story 1 … Girlfriend Replaces Ex With Her Cat in Family Photos

Story 2 … Special Needs Teacher Dies with a Secret Fortune — and Leaves $1 Million to Her Former School

Story 3 … Paul McCartney with James Corden on the BEST Carpool Karaoke yet!

No joke…it’s the best 23 minutes of television you’ll see in a long time.

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