I can say, without any doubt…You’re Definitely a 10/10 on the Attraction Scale.
It all comes down to having a little perspective and seeing the big picture.

I have to ask…

What was your gut reaction to the title of this podcast?

People’s tendency to rate themselves is usually based on a general scale…mostly focusing on the people more attractive than themselves.

That’s not good because it automatically makes you feel “less than”.

And it varies based on how you feel about yourself at a given moment.

As an Example: You could be working on getting back in shape and if you’ve worked out a week straight you’re going to feel pretty good, even if you still think you have a ways to go to hit your ultimate goal.

Perception is the problem, especially rating yourself while focusing on popular “beautiful” celebrities.

Then you go out and immediately scope out the room to determine where you rank in the bar you’re at.

Be honest, most of the time, that probably doesn’t put you in the greatest mood.

There are two situations that will definitely boost your EGO

  • Being at a place where there are more of the opposite sex and…
  • Being surrounded by people that are considered less attractive than yourself.

So…Why are you a 10?

The point: you are whole and complete and you can choose out when it comes to comparing yourself in any context…

As a unique person, the act of comparison is ridiculous … you are going to make yourself feel bad and that may lead to terrible decision making (making a choice based on ego need).

Because when you are “needy”, you’ll make lousy decision just to satisfy an ego need…much shame and regret will follow.

Fight the instinctual urge to parade yourself out there as a showpiece because that will put you in Ego mindset.

Instead, focus on quality time with your friends and being genuine in your energy if you find an opportunity to chat with people you don’t know.

It’s all about perspective

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