Will My SO Pass the BFF and Parents Test ?

You have finally got to the point where your relationship has reached that pivotal point where it’s time to expose them to the people that you really need to get the thumbs up from…the question ending up being… Will My SO Pass the BFF and Parents Test ?

As much as you like this person and you’ve connected and you’re at a point where you know it’s more than just hanging out or casual hook-up time…you know that the opinion of your BFF and parents, could mean moving forward or questioning your decision.

This week, Tony has Mariah back to guest host, and she brought her cool hubby, Chris, to talk about their personal experiences on when they decided to introduce a potential very significant other to a best friend and/or to a parent, or parents.

Mariah and Chris began the show talking about their own experience where it was actually one of Mariah’s best friends that actually introduced her to Chris…basically taking the potentially bad BFF judgment out of the equation.

Chris starts to explain that it was a long-distance relationship and that he had to meet EVERYONE, at the same time BEFORE he and Mariah even had their third date and BEFORE they even got to the point where they took their relationship to the intimate level.

And, when asked, Mariah indicated that, even though they hadn’t spent a lot of physical time with each other and they had not yet had sex, she knew HE WAS THE GUY…so it was a no brainer that she wanted everyone important to her in her life (she has a close family and great, supportive parents) to meet this stellar dude all at once.

Then…since Tony points out that these two didn’t really go through any controversy during their BFF and Parental introduction, he asked Mariah to share her past stories on bringing a couple of meatball boyfriends around to meet her parents.

This leads to a discussion about the Millennial Guy, and how Mariah has found that a good number of guys in her age group have a problem being, well, for the lack of a better term…Men!

There appears to be a problem in guys stepping up and being the dominant male in a relationship because of, what Mariah refers to as, the Special Snowflake issue.

Chris then confesses that, although he’s not a traditional “alpha” type guy, he steps up when the need presents itself and…Mariah goes through a number of situations that showed her Chris was a solid “man” without having to fight a bunch of guys at a bar.