Why Millennials Will Change the World

This week I was planning on debunking some stupid myths when it comes to the Millennial generation. However, in looking up the research, I got really pissed at all the Millennial Bashing that was going on, so I changed it up and decided to do a show about
“Why Millennials Will Change the World”
This week Lexi and I get fired up about all of the name calling and generation bashing that has been directed at Millennials / Gen-Y’s from the Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers.
Some of the points covered in this week’s show include:
– The power in numbers of Millennials
– The completely different upbringing the Millennials went through versus previous generations and why that has led to the high level of misunderstandings between the generations.
– The elevated perspective of Millennials and why the previous generations are fearful of it.
– The effect of the collapse of the “American Dream” and how the Millennial Generation is not only rising above, but re-defining life value and purpose.
– The power of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and why every Millennial should know where they stand.
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