Why January Sucks…and How to Get Back on Track

January Sucks … It can be a very rough month for some…

…cold, dark, short days, failed new years resolutions, Christmas bills arrive, unrealized expectations…massive frustration.

Throughout the years, January has been seen as the most depressing month, with Blue Monday being the third Monday in January and January 24th being deemed the most depressing day of the year by a renowned British psychologist.

This show is all about sharing my thoughts on why January does indeed suck as well as offer a simple way to turn that frown upside down.

Topics this week include:The impact of weather on moodSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how to tackle itWhat makes one day the most depressing?What is the Google Misery Index?How Word Vomitting can help you start on the road to progress and out of the January bluesThe most important questions to ask yourself about your frustrationsThe amazing power of reframingThe one little thing you can do to start on a new, more productive path

Like always, you can listen to any of the previous 160+ podcasts here.

And, lastly, I challenge you to take that one small action and see what happens over the next month…then email me and let me know how that went.