Why It’s OK to be Selfish

This week on the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, Tony and his special Voice of Millennial Guest, Melanie, talk about why it’s OK to be selfish.
Most everyone’s knee jerk reaction to “selfish” is bad.  But, did you know that there is actually a good kind of selfish and, in order for you to learn and grow and expand and succeed, you MUST embrace and use the good selfish in your life.

Some of the interesting highlights of the show include:

The major differences between good selfish, bad selfish and neutral selfish

How successful people use selfishness

How balance and selfishness are connected and why you need both in order to survive and thrive

How to be selfish with you time and energy without feeling guilty

How to be selfish and not let other people’s guilt trip get you down

Why Millennials have this general label as being selfish and what it really means as a Millennial

Bottom line is: Being selfish is a tool that can be used to benefit you and the people around you…you just have to discover your “good” way to be selfish.

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