Why Feeling Frustrated Is Actually A Good Thing

With special guest, Rachel (Tony’s daughter), the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast digs deep into Millennial life transitions and why feeling frustrated is actually a good thing.
Millennial Life Transitions, Growth and Frustration
Tony was finally able to convince Rachel to come on the show.  She is the perfect Voice of Millennial, being 25, with student loan debt, still questioning what she wants to do with her life, and a survivor of multiple Millennial life transitions (including getting pregnant in college, graduating, getting married, having her baby, going back to grad school, graduating, getting a job AND getting pregnant again…all within 2 1/2 years).

So, this week Tony really wanted Rachel to share how she dealt with so many big life transitions within a short period of time.  And, when Rachel started to talk about the many challenges she faced, she expressed her almost endless level of frustration through the whole process.
Feeling Frustrated is a Good Sign
Tony explains that the feeling of frustration is a really good sign that you are out of your comfort zone…this is the ONLY area where you will experience any growth.  So, basically,
Growth = Frustration
The show touches on other important parts of growth and life transition stuff with:

How to know if your major is the right major for you

How to stay focused when you find out half way through that your major choice doesn’t really work for you

What is the REAL purpose of being in college (hint: it has very little to do with your major)

Why it’s far more important to just finish what you’ve started instead of changing majors

How a big life transition actually helps you more when you are going through an identity crisis

How the Millennial concept of “Value” is/will drastically change how the generations to follow will learn and work

How a wise Millennial can manage in a system that has been created by past generations that see things so much differently than you do

How to sneakily change the system using the secret baby steps system

Why the ability to have “perspective” will make your life a HUGE success

How new Millennial parents are parenting and how to parent effectively in the new world of social media

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