Why do some relationships fail so quickly when they begin so insanely great?

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Hint: It has something to do with yourself …. actually, it has EVERYTHING to do with you and how well you know yourself.


This week, Lexi and I dig deep into the real, bottom line, at-the-core cause of not being able to create a solid, stable and long-lasting, FULFILLING relationship.


Stuff we talk about in the show:


  • Why a deep “knowing” of who you are is absolutely necessary for a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship
  • The signs to look for in a relationship that will immediately signal you don’t know yourself well enough for the relationship to survive.
  • How does the Ego impact a relationship and what you can do to get it out of the way of a potentially great relationship?
  • The reason your expectations in a relationship are too high or why none of your relationships have ever measured up.
  • How much does your childhood impact your relationship issues?


Why Do Relationships Fail?


“It seemed so good in the beginning…what happened?”  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this phrase has been uttered by every single person that found their unicorn, started their whirlwind relationship and ended up alone in the corner of the bedroom drowning themselves in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.


Now, we’re not saying that every failed relationship will be your fault or due to not having a deep understanding of who you are and how your operate, but it could be the case with a relationship that could have been amazing if you had only given the time and effort to do a little introspection.


3 Simple Tools to Know Yourself Better


We end the show by talking about some simple things you can do to get to know yourself a little better.


In the end, none of us want to be the reason a potentially magical relationship ends up in the dumpster.  Thank God the solution is staring back at you in the mirror.


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