Why Are We So Divided? … The Lost Art of Civility

What the hell is going on in the world right now? Why are we so divided? Why can’t we be open to and respect differing opinions? Why have we lost the art of Civility?
This week, my very special guest, Boston Jeff, and I really get into why we are becoming so divided in our ideologies (not just in the U.S.) and the solution to coming together…the art of Civility.

Jeff is VERY animated and very opinionated (he’s a Trump supporter while I am, well, let’s say OPPOSITE), which is a perfect combination for the topic.
The Mess Has Been Made…Now It’s Time for us to Step Up and Fix It …Calling All Leaders!
In the show we cover:
1. What is “Civility” and why each of us think society is splitting in two and becoming less tolerant of any ideas that challenge their own.
2. Why people actually would rather be at work right now than deal with the world the way it is.
3. What are the root causes of the heightened level of incivility we are facing right now?
4. What does our survival instincts have to do with the current situation?
5. How we can become leaders in a movement out of this hole by practicing the art of civility.
People Would Rather Be At Work Than To Deal With the World
During the show, I mention a really good Elite Daily post by Alexandra Strickler that talks about people that would rather be insulated in their work environment than deal with the societal dumpster fire that’s going on right now…really?  Wow…not a good sign…

I specifically wanted to do this show with Boston Jeff because we are a good example of two people with VERY DIFFERENT opinions on social issues that can discuss them in a civil fashion, each of us disagreeing with but respecting the other person’s perspective.

The art of civility is a big-time leadership quality that can be adopted and practiced by anyone…hopefully you!