Who is the REAL YOU … What You Think – or – What You Do ?

Are you…the REAL YOU…are you what you think or what you do?
This is one of the most fought over philosophical concepts over the years.

And, a recent article in IdeaPod by Justin Brown, tackles this question head on…so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Sam Harris, well-known modern philosopher and author believes along the lines of the Buddha, where your True Self is reflective in your thoughts.

However, Aristotle and a number of other thinkers believe you are what you do.
I believe it’s sort of a mix of both…
…the true self is within you but, if you ask anyone else but yourself, the only thing they see is what you do.

Unfortunately, what you do also exposes all of your fun Ego patterns that tend to make what you do not match up with what you’re thinking.

Taking everyone into account, it really comes down to what you do, which leads us to trying to figure out how to best align our thoughts and our actions so we can show everyone how amazing we are.
Along with this quick chat, I run down a few of the week’s insane news stories, including:
– The unbelievable way the U.S. government is treating fellow human beings
– The unbelievably insensitive jacket Melania chose to wear to visit kids that have been separated from their parents
– The flack Elle McPherson is getting for sharing her way to get a summer body.

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