When the Feelings Aren’t Mutual

Because it’s bound to happen sometime during the dating and/or relationship…how do you handle things when the feelings aren’t mutual ?

For better or for worse, two people in a relationship don’t go at the same speed…

…sure, at the beginning everyone starts the race from the same starting line, and for a while you guys may be pretty in sync…but, as the journey continues, more than likely, someone is bound to pull ahead, or fall behind, depending on your perspective.

In a dating or relationship scenario, this looks like either you’re starting to sense that it really isn’t working for you the way you thought it might…it’s not fulfilling enough to the point where you see yourself with this person for the long haul…or…

…the other person is starting to fall off a little…you know, not putting in the effort that they had up until now…and, as subtle as this shift might be, guaranteed you’ll be able to sense it…and fighting through the denial of anything happening and facing the reality of the situation is a tough gig.

So, this week, Mariah and Tony talk about certain situations when the feelings aren’t mutual and how to navigate through them.

They share their own personal stories of this exact situation, from both sides of the situation…the one that is pulling away and the one that is wondering why the other doesn’t have mutual feelings for them.

Mariah talks about a boyfriend she had that left to study abroad and started to emotionally distance himself.  And, since she was still into him, it took her four whole months of hardly any contact (he just wouldn’t call), to finally end it.

Mariah also starts to discuss how transparent guys are with their big talk and crappy body language…both things girls can see right through…

Tony then brings up a past dating experience where he came out of a whirlwind romance disaster and ended up with a “nice” girl that he “tried” to generate deeper feeling for, but ultimately it just wasn’t happening…then, it was break up time…but, how do you do that without anyone getting hurt??

Then the duo bring up the fact that it seems a lot of people go through this feelings not mutual stuff, but decide to remain in the relationship anyway…out of fear of being alone, or they just settle because they don’t want to keep trying with, yet, another potential “forever” partner.

They tie the show up with a look at how the relationship dynamic has changed drastically with the Millennial generation…the good and the bad…