When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned, what’s the next step?


In this week’s Walk of Shame Radio Podcast Lexi and Tony tackle the very common problem in a relationship where the couple finds themselves with two different visions of what their life will look like in the future.


Lexi starts things off with a share of one of her favorite quotes:


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us” -Joseph Campbell


It’s a tough gig when you really connect with someone and see a future with that person, only to have your life-long plans not in sync.


The interesting part about this is that we all drop hints to our significant other about the things that are most important to us all throughout our dating process…and, as the relationship builds, the hints become more like heart to heart talks on “where are we going, together”.


Instances this situation comes up could be as basic as what city to live in or what religion to practice or the biggy that Lexi and Tony focus on today:


“What if you want kids and your partner doesn’t?”


Then that’s where your plans come up against their plans, which then brings to the table two very important words Lexi and Tony talk about:


Compromise and Sacrifice.


This week, Lexi got her inspiration from a few of her new clients as well as the famous philosopher Joseph Campbell, where he writes that the life we have planned is never what it turns out to be.


Tune is as Tony and Lexi talk about how much sacrifice you should make when it comes to true love and energy in keeping a relationship together that maybe, shouldn’t be intact in the first place.


We all have somewhat of a future plan written down about our life and where we want it to go year by year. We should, it’s called manifestation, it’s called vision and it can truly be a beautiful thing…

Here we break down how to get through what may be the most devastating situation you may experience…the dilemma between being in a relationship and compromising your happiness, or ending it and moving on to find your destiny.


Heartbreak hurts, but it is temporary if you truly understand that plans change and people last in your life until they don’t.


What WILL BE the saving grace is being completely in tune with yourself and knowing to your core that you are living your complete truth.


Tony gives you a few pieces of advice to keep in your pocket while dating to avoid these issues and Lexi has a soul session to end the show.


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