What is Self-Care and Should You Buy Into It?

It is quickly becoming a very popular and heavily-searched topic, but what really is Self-Care and Should You Buy Into It? How do you go about doing Self-Care on yourself? Are there different types of Self-Care? Who does it benefit the most? Why are Millennials so obsessed with it?

After reading the recent NPR article, “The Millennial Obsession with Self-Care”, we thought we’d tackle this subject with our own thoughts as well as providing some helpful tips.

These questions are the reason we decided to talk about What Self-Care is to the Millennial Generation and why it should immediately become a part of your lifestyle (if done the correct way).
On this episode, we discuss and analyze:

What is Self Care?

How should you Self Care?

What are the different types of Self Care?

The importance of a Self Care morning ritual

How do the people you hang around impact your level of Self Care?

Why a big part of Self Care is learning to say “NO”

The big difference between Self Care and Narcissism

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