What Can We Do About Harassment?

This week, my good friend, Mariah, and I talk about harassment. We took on this current and very sensitive topic in order to open the discussion up to become more clear on some very basic questions:
1. What is harassment?
2. When does the interaction go from flirty or playful to harassment?
3. What are the responsibilities of the man and the woman in a situation where harassment is occurring?
4. What can we do, right now, to be more aware and to reduce this unacceptable behavior?
It’s very easy to point fingers at “the way it’s always been” or to the media for continually reinforcing stereotypes in society that makes that kind of behavior “ok”. But, when it comes down to it, it’s all about awareness on both sides as well as clear communication regarding the “new norm” of acceptable behavior.
Making Men More Aware
As a single dad, brother and son, I have been raised and try to live my life consistently with respectful behavior towards women. I was brought up in an environment where boys and girls were all humans with either one or the other set of parts. There was never a worth gap or any objectification in my world…and I raised my daughter with those same ideals.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the norm, so we wanted to do the show from both a male and a female perspective regarding the tools and level of awareness necessary in order for either a man to know he’s crossed the line or a woman to take action when her line has been crossed.
Links and Resources
Here is a list of links and resources that you can go to if you are dealing with harassment or have dealt with this issue, or if you want more information.

The American Bar Association

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Equal Rights Advocates

Feminist Majority Foundation (including individual State hotlines)

I would especially like to hear from everyone tuning in this time regarding your take on harassment, any additional tips you may have, any disagreements you have with our takes or to share one of your stories. You can go to tony@javabud.com to leave me an email.