Voting Made Easy : A Quick Guide

Why You Need To Vote
This episode I go over a quick guide on voting and how it is really easy once you learn a very simple system to become informed on all of the races you’re voting on (including randoms like judges, water district, county supervisors, etc.)

Here are the topics for today:

How to register

Do you need to pick a political party in order to register?

What are the registration deadlines for your state?

The difference between a mail-in ballot and voting at the ballot box

Should you pay any attention to all of the political ads?

How to fill out your form

Why it’s so important to vote for all of the categories on your ballot

How to not be overwhelmed by all of the voting pamphlets your are sent

How to quickly figure out which way you want to vote

The one thing you have to do with a mail-in ballot that will make it legal

A simple tip to speed up your time at the voting booth

Why your vote is really worth more than one vote

Make sure you go to  if you have any other questions about voting or to find out when your state’s registration deadline is…there is also a link to register to vote on this site.

Any questions? Hit me up at

Please vote…your voice needs to be heard!


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