Unshakeable Confidence and Flow as Taught by a Child in a Corn Maze

Are you constantly chasing positive emotions in a maze right now?

Trying to force your way through?

Running up against the same dead ends then wasting time by getting down on yourself or upset then projecting that energy onto someone else?

Then this week’s episode is for you.

It’s a story about how my six year old granddaughter taught me a very powerful lesson in confidence and finding my flow by schooling me in a corn maze.

A big problem I see and share with my clients is that we end up being our own worst enemy.

Our high expectations lead to a lot of disappointment, anxiety and anger especially when we feel like we’re stuck and don’t have the answer to move forward.

That’s why watching my granddaughter crush the maze was so powerful and a good reminder of how we can harness our inner, unshakeable confidence, tap into our flow and get things done.

In the show I talk about:

The curse of the driven, successful person and how to tell if you have itHow a six year old’s brain is so effective at completing challengesThe formula to stop overthinking and becoming more efficient in getting things doneWhat is Stoic Flow and how it can help you become unstuck?A Call to Action that any six year old can do

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