Top TV and Radio Producers Share Their Secrets for Personal Branding

This week I would like to share with you the 3 most important steps in personal branding that I learned from top TV and radio producers last week in New York.
I was fortunate to be able to sit down with over 50 TV, radio and print producers, hosts and writers last week in order to pitch my book “Surrounded by Idiots” and myself as an expert in my field (young adult coach/mentor, Millennial Expert).

There were over 120 media representatives there including producers from the

Today Show

Good Morning America

ABC News


The View

Wendy Williams

Dr. Oz and

Extra TV

as well as freelance writers for all of the major magazines and radio hosts/producers for nationwide shows.

What the Media looks for in an expert or good guest
Each media rep had a chance to speak to the group of us authors, speakers and program designers to share what they thought were the most important points in marketing and branding ourselves as experts in our chosen fields.

Without exception, every one on the media panel agreed on three major steps that are absolutely needed in order to get a segment on their show.

And, although you may not be trying to pitch a show idea to a radio or TV network, the answers they gave can directly apply to you and your life as a contributor to social media.

The tips are also very effective for anyone in sales or in a job where you are trying to make your mark.

To top it off, I share some personal experiences I had just being in New York City for five days…love that town!


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