The Truth Behind the 1 to 10 Attraction Scale

The Truth Behind the 1 to 10 Attraction Scale is that it’s not set in stone.

This week’s episode of the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast explores what the scale really is…why we continue to do this to ourselves and each other…and, how you can either jump a couple points or sink down to a meager 3, depending on a number of factors that have NOTHING to do with physical attraction.

Tony begins by explaining the origins of how we, as humans, determine beauty and how our instincts have guided us through the natural selection process to the point where we humans are a pretty kick ass bunch.

Interestingly enough, most of the attraction process back in the caveman days had more to do with sub-conscious cues that it did thinking that girl has great eyes, or she rocks it like Jessica Rabbit, or that guy has a sweet 6-pack…he will be mine!

Most of it had to do with physical symmetry and creating high value for your potential sex partner/potential mate.

Then Tony and Mariah talk about a couple of funny references to the scale as it’s currently used, mentioning Jim Jeffries comedy routine and dropping in a little soundbite from Louis CK.

Tony then shares his personal theory on what works best for guys in regards to their hotness number versus a potential SO’s number…hint…most of the selection process has to do with how people “see” themselves…because a legit 8 1/2 could have some major self-esteem issues that would drop him down to a 6…and the funny thing is…people see the 8+ still but he will go for a 6 or a 7.  This happens with girls as well.

Mariah then lends some good feeback on a question a guy had about whether girls would rather be with a super hot guy with a blah personality or an average guy with a smokin’ personality.

And, that leads both Mariah and Tony into the discussion about how to change your perceived hotness number…and it’s all about personality, sense of humor and realizing that you are NOT a number, but a person that wants what they want…with a lot to give someone…and you don’t need no stinking numbers…

…THAT is the way you beat the system…by owning who you are, by learning that personality is not about putting on a show, but about be genuinely interested in someone else and asking questions.

There were a couple of research studies Tony brought up to drive the point home, but even after almost 40 minutes, there was WAY MORE to talk about on this fascinating subject, so the duo will be back next week for Round 2.

Until then…Peace out!