The Reason You Buy Stuff You Weren’t Planning on Buying

Marketing Secrets Exposed
You’re waiting in line, ready to checkout, and you find yourself surrounded by candy bars, mindless magazines and knick-knacks…what do you do?

Well, based on marketing data, you will more than likely grab one of those cheap items and throw it in your basket.

This week is all about the mind games marketers and retailers play on you to get you to buy stuff you weren’t planning on buying.

Topics include:

Why social media marketers give away free pdf’s, cheatsheets and ebooks

The real reason McDonald’s is putting ordering kiosks in their restaurants

How yogurt stores trick you into buying more

Why stores like Ulta and Marshall’s are having you walk through those lines filled with knick knacks before you get to the register

Why BOGO is not the deal you think it is
– And more…

I also want to include this link to a great article in Hubspot about Marketing and Psychology.

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