The Life Changing Difference Between Special and Unique

The Life Changing Difference Between Special and Unique
Gamechanger: This one shift in thinking can immediately change how you see yourself and how you see the world.
This one shift will stop or greatly decrease

 you caring what other people think

you comparing yourself to anyone

you being constantly disappointed because of the unfairness of life or that you didn’t get something that you deserve

While at the same time, this shift will

immediately shift your focus into yourself, allowing for a way more clear perspective on things

allow you to immediately relate better to other people (a relationship game changer)

take the pressure off your unrealistic expectations for yourself, allowing you to be way more authentic and in the process, live a more fulfilled and successful life.

Here is the shift:
You are not special…You are unique
Sadly, Barney and Mr. Rogers led us down the wrong path with all of their “special” talk. Now, even though their intentions were good, I think the message is confusing.

Here’s the difference:
Special defined… better, greater or different from what is usual
Unique…being the only one of its kind.

The perspective of special is outward looking, comparative while unique is inward.

Thinking special or that the world revolves around you is all ego and it’s a weakness and you will constantly run into walls of unfairness or bias that will keep you from growing.

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