The Idea of Genuine Love Versus Attachment

Genuine Love-Good…Attachment -Bad
The Buddhist Monk Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma says it best…
“Attachment says…I love you therefore, I want you to make me happy.”
“Genuine love says…I love you therefore I want you to be happy.”
Knowing the difference between Genuine Love and Attachment will guarantee you fulfilling relationships for the rest of your life.

The problem is…most of us think attachment is actually love…you know, those feelings of not knowing what you would do if your SO left.

Sadly, the strong emotions that come from attachment get in the way of being able to express or even feel genuine love.

This week Lexi and I dig deep into the differences between Genuine Love and Attachment, talking about:
– The obvious signs of being attached versus having genuine love
– The two steps to combat jealousy in a relationship
– The role of boundaries and expectations in a successful relationship
– How the social norm of “the one” or “forever” can secretly undermine a fulfilling relationship
– and a bunch more

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