The Healthy Way to Vent Your Problems in an Out of Control World

This week’s podcast episode is about our current anxiety coming from an out of control world and how to feel better by venting our frustrations the right way.

The world currently feels out of control, which is bad for humans because we REALLY need to feel like we have some control in our lives.

And because we’ve given up so much control and significantly changed our lives in the process to fight this invisible virus, it’s creating a lot of anxiety, fear, anger, depression, sadness and divisiveness.

Interestingly enough, Stoic philosophy was born out of the same kind of political and social upheaval including dealing with the plague.

So, the show is about taking the lessons learned from those philosophers and putting them to use today in order to help us:

Accept what we can change and what we can’t Be able to put things in a more realistic perspective Set up Venting Boundaries with our loved ones so our emotional dumping doesn’t drag them down in the processBetter communicate our intentions with our significant others to avoid unnecessary arguments Become stronger, more effective leadersDetermining if and when you need to talk to a professional

When a large group of people are going through a crisis together, it’s important to understand people process the feelings of being out of control differently.

Which is why it’s so important to fall back on the basic teachings of Stoic Philosophy in order to guide you towards a more controlled, calm and balanced life.

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Tony Dufresne, PhD

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