The First Step to Becoming an Influencer

What It Takes to Become a True Influencer
This week, my good friend and part-time entrepreneur, Mariah ( talk about the first steps in taking a purpose project public and what it takes to become a true influencer in today’s crowded social media world.

It’s all about taking your purpose project (which is NOT a side hustle for money) and making it real…putting it out there…positively impacting others…becoming an influencer.

Some of the things we talk about include:

How to tell if your project…if what you have to offer…fills a need

The very first steps to being an influencer that have nothing to do with marketing

What to do if someone else is already doing exactly what you want to do as an influencer

How to convince yourself you are “expert” enough to be an influencer (imposter syndrome)

How to tell if what you have to offer has value to your tribe

What you should do if no one is paying any attention to you

Should you focus more on quality or quantity of content?

How long does it take to find your voice as an influencer?

The big difference being an influencer to someone in person versus online

How to use the 5 Minute Rule to not give up when it feels like you’re not making an impact

And lastly…your call to action…

…I call on you to take a small baby step and share where you are at in your journey to find your purpose, getting your thoughts together about a project or trying to figure out how to best spread your message on social media
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