The Fascinating Differences Between Older and Younger Millennials

Based on some recent, solid research and a number of obviously fake news articles, there are some fascinating differences between older and younger Millennials.

This show came from the winner of the “show idea” contest I held at the end of last year.  There were three suggestions for the older vs. younger Millennial show and I picked Christian’s name out of a hat…I didn’t really use a hat, but it’s a better image than a white Ikea bowl.  At the time, Christian wrote in,

“I think you should do a show on some of the differences between “junior” millennials (born mid late 90s) and “senior” millennials (born early to mid 80s). I was born in 82 and sometimes don’t relate to younger generational millennials whatsoever. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was 23 and some millennials had them in elementary school — same with the internet and social media.” 
So, Christian and everyone else…here we go…let’s talk about the differences between older and younger Millennials
Pew Report: How Millennial Are You?

Forbes: Fascinating Demographic Differences between Older and Younger Millennials (John Zogby)

Zogby Analytics conducted a poll of 18-34 year olds online May 30 through June 6, 2014. The 1,019 respondents were those who possessed smart phones. A total of 768 fall into the older group while 251 are in the younger group. Here are some interesting statistics:

52% of the older group were White/Caucasian but only 40% of the younger ones identify themselves this way.
36% of the younger group consider their current job to be “just a gig”, in contrast with 27% of the older group.
Overall, younger Millennials are less white, have greater anxiety about the economy, consider their current work to be ephemeral, or lasting for a short time, and are more secular than older Millennials. And, they are either more likely to be gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (24% to 13%) or, at least more likely to declare themselves to be so.


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Differences in the workforce

The article was based on answers given by Helen Min, the head of business marketing at Dropbox

She has managed older and younger, high-achieving millennials in tech and found there are differences beyond the fact that one group is simply older than the other.

Older millennials were in the workforce during the 2008 recession and likely experienced a career pivot or lifestyle adjustment during that time, which taught them how to restructure their career paths and gain perspective on being employed. Younger millennials hold a much more egalitarian, real-time view, where intelligence, abilities and performance at any given point hold more weight than any relevant past experience. Setbacks and repetitive work can sometimes feel like an assault on younger millennials’ upward career trajectory. One lesson I learned early on is to never force perspective on young millennials.
She also sees a big split when it comes to life expectations. Older Millennials have learned to lower expectations about many things in life in order to avoid disappointment, while youngers have high expectations of life and work and they have high expectations for their managers and the companies they work for.  Reward and recognize younger millennials by giving them opportunities to learn something new.