The Covid Character Test, Stoic Nuggets and the Power of Strategic Surrender

This week I talk about how effective Covid is at determining whether a person is an aware, empathetic member of society or a toddler.

Since the virus is still very unpredictable, none of us know if we could possibly die if we get it.

So when someone successfully fights off the Coronavirus, there’s a sense of relief.

And you would think they would also gain a higher level of empathy and awareness about how important it is to wear a mask and keep your distance.

But unfortunately, there are A LOT of Covid survivors out there that don’t pass the character test.

So, I wanted to share the following thoughts in the show about:

How Covid does a good job at exposing someone’s core character traitThe Curse of Awareness and the battle with high expectations and abject disappointmentHow the Toddler Mentality has been given a voice and how destructive it has beenHow the virus has tested my Stoic Philosophy foundation andThe transformational power of Strategic Surrender

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