The Big Difference Between Passion and Emotion

The Big Difference Between Passion and Emotion can mislead you into thinking you might be making a wrong decision, when you could actually be on the right track.
Passion is MUCH more than a “feeling”
Passion can have a “feel” to it, but it encompasses more than just that emotional feeling…including a direction, a drive, a commitment to a purpose or a cause.

Passion is a slow fire that consistently burns inside of you verses an emotion, which it temporary…a “reaction” to an external stimulus that is temporary.

The big problem is that people confuse passion with that strong emotion and once the emotion fades away, they start to lose interest or question themselves if it really was a passion that was worth following in the first place.
How to Handle Constructive Criticism
In this week’s show, Lexi shares her current experience about her passion and the issue of getting constructive criticism from people without getting discouraged by other’s opinions that don’t match her own.

Tony goes over the best way to use constructive criticism so it supports your passion.
One big thing we hit on is “choose your mentors wisely!”
Fear of Failure
And…How to stop the fear of failure that keeps you from following your passion.
Three Steps to Finding and Building a Passion
1. What do you want to be a part of?
2. What are the things you do naturally good…what qualities do you nail?
3. Where can you take your next baby step into discovering more about it?

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