The 95% Rule That Magically Erases Stress

This week I share with you my own personal formula for eliminating a lot of stress in my life … I call it the 95% rule.
This rule is all about looking at your life and situations from a different angle…a better angle, like taking a better selfie pic by moving the camera up and to the side instead of right in front of your face.

The 95% Rule is all about getting rid of the small, insignificant worries in your life so you can put your energy towards the 5% of stuff that really matters.

That way, you can deal with the significant life issues better without being distracted by the small stuff that gets in the way.
Ask Yourself One Question
The 95% Rule is all about asking yourself one question:
“In five years when I look back on this situation, will it really be that big of a deal?”
95% of the time, you’ll probably answer with a solid “no”…because most of the stuff we get frazzled over won’t be a huge influence on our life in the future.
It’s Time to Surrender
The last thing I talk about is how “surrendering” to what is, allows you to let go of that small stuff and be more present to handle the important things you should be putting your energy towards.

Along with this fun conversation, I also include my 3 Good Feels, or three positive news stories I found over the week…I share so we can continue to have faith in humanity instead of buying into all the negativity we usually see on the news.

Cop Shaves Homeless Man’s Beard For Job Interview

Teen Attaches Uplifting Notes To A Bridge And It’s Saving Lives

When construction changed a blind man’s route, a bus driver took a detour to help him

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