The #1 Secret To Success

The #1 secret to success is not really a secret, it’s just something that most people don’t think about when they get all wrapped up in
– comparing themselves to others
– competing with others
– focusing on making money as their life ambition
What is the Secret to Success?
Over the past couple of weeks, I set out to ask clients and tribe members what they felt was the #1 secret of success, and I got a bunch of different answers like:

– Working hard
– Grit
– Education
– Making connections
– Knowing the right people
– Luck
– Having supportive parents
– Taking no prisoners
– Looking out for yourself

I won’t say that all of these have probably worked on some level for some people in order to propel them further along in school or a job or a career or even a relationship. BUT…

…none of those are strong enough to keep you moving in a consistent positive direction of life success. The only thing that will…the SECRET to Success is…
In order to be successful in any and all aspects of life, you must create value (for yourself, for others, or for everyone).

It’s all about feeding your inner beast of talent and purpose (creating value for yourself), so you can take all of that value and find the best way possible to share it with others.
What Does Success Look Like?
At work, the more you know, the more effectively you communicate and the better you nurture your business relationships, the more you will be valued by your fellow employees, your bosses and your field.

In a relationship, the more you work on knowing who you are and grounding yourself in awareness and purpose, the more effective you will become as a communicator and a person of integrity in a relationship.
That being said, my Voice of Millennial Mariah and I take the time this week to talk about:
– What questions to ask yourself in order to focus on creating more Value in your life
– The role of money and how it can really mess people up if they give it too much value
– Making value choices based on what you really want your life to be about, even when your choices might lead you in a totally different direction and a direction that a lot of your support group may not like
– The incredible importance of the Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and why you really should make a copy of it as a subtle daily reminder to create value
– What we can do as caring parents, friends or partners to help someone that asks us “What should I do with my life?”

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