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Hosted By Tony Dufresne, PhD


This show is designed to Entertain, Educate and Enlighten you to rise above the roadblocks and confusion and live life on your own terms. Along with special guests, Tony Dufresne, PhD (Philosopher, Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist and Life Transition Coach) is all about sharpening your critical thinking skills and sharing tips and advice on topics you face everyday like feeling lost, making a big life decision, relationship conflicts, creating a sense of purpose and direction in life, being true to who you really are, dating, break-ups, finding a job, changing careers and creating loving relationships. Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast.

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Confidence and Cosmetic Procedures

Can you achieve lasting Confidence Through Cosmetic Procedures? Can you permanently increase your Self-Esteem with an Aesthetic procedure like Botox,  breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck,...


Confidence Battling Cancer

In this episode my daughter, Rachel, shares her personal story about her confidence battling cancer. Here is the Youtube Video Podcast link: At 28 years old, Rachel was...


Confidence Changing Careers

This week’s special guest tells the true story of how to have Confidence in Changing Careers. Watch the Youtube video Podcast here: My special guest, Marina Tolentino shares...


She Talks Music for Courage and Confidence

I have invited Personal Coach and Brand Strategist, Kristen Hartnagel on the show to talk about Music for Courage and Confidence. If you want to watch the Youtube video,...


Confidence and Starting Your Own Business

It’s takes a lot of Confidence to start a business And for women, the road to being your own boss has been a steeper climb. Business has been a...


Confidence and Owning Your Reputation

Special Guest Larissa Salazar, Brand Strategist and Master Business Coach with Brand Builders Group, shares her story about how she got a bad reputation in college and how she...


She Talks Confidence Episode 1

It’s been a while but I’m back with a new show geared towards Women’s Confidence. I am transitioning the Surrounded by Idiots Podcast to the She Talks Confidence Podcast....


Amazing Books That Can Change Your Life

This week, I decided to share with you the most amazing books I have ever read AND the one big mistake most people make when they buy a self-help...


Why Do Relationships Fail After 3 Months?

Why do some relationships fail so quickly when they begin so insanely great? Click here for the Youtube Video Hint: It has something to do with yourself …. actually,...


How to Be Less Angry With People

The key to be less angry with people has been right in front of you the whole time. This week’s podcast episode is all about the power of controlling...


Improving Your Fashion Sense and Online Image

Improving your fashion sense is key in creating your most authentic online image. This week Tony welcomes Patrick Kenger, a professional style and image consultant. Link to the youtube...


The Key to Better Relationships is All About Expectations

The secret formula to better relationships is all about your EXPECTATIONS. Are you the type of person who never seems satisfied…who is always moving the carrot on yourself? Do...


Worst Dating Advice Ever

This week Lexi and I share the worst First Date Advice we have ever received or heard some “expert” say. Dating is hard enough without having a bunch of...


Mad Skills for Mastering Relationships

This week’s podcast episode exposes the secret ingredient needed to master your relationships, regardless if you are: In a good relationship In a bad relationship Starting a new relationship...


Single at 40 and Lonely?

Take it from me…I’ve been there…Single at 40 … lonely … thinking I’m too old to find anyone now. Yeah, I get it, but guess what? There is a...


In Your 30’s and Single … Is There Hope?

If you are almost 30, in your 30’s or wish you were 30, and single, then you’re in the right place. In this week’s podcast I answer a question...


Top 10 Regrets in Life By Those About To Die

This week’s show talks about the top 10 regrets in life by those about to die and by those that are still alive and working towards a NO RAGRETS...


Should I Quit My Job and Follow My Dream?

The thought of quitting your job to follow your dream has never been more popular. The latest research shows over 40% of working people are looking to quit and...


You Are Definitely A 10/10 on the Attraction Scale … Here’s How I Know

I can say, without any doubt…You’re Definitely a 10/10 on the Attraction Scale. It all comes down to having a little perspective and seeing the big picture. I have...


10 Minutes to a More Confident Post Covid Lifestyle

Let’s face it, in these post Covid days, life IS different so we need to make some new lifestyle choices. Regardless if your life turned upside down over the...