Stupid Simple Plan for More Success and Fulfillment

With an overload of self help information at every turn online, I thought I would take a few minutes today and give you the most simplified…stupid simple plan to create more success and fulfillment in your life.
There are only four steps to this plan.

Although they can be broken down to a lot of tiny pieces, I wanted to present to you just the basic steps in getting yourself dialed in and on a path of purpose with the success and fulfillment you so desperately desire.

4 Steps…thats all…
1. Get Real With Yourself
2. Get Your House in Order
3. Create a System
4. Take Your First Baby Step
The show goes into more detail about what these steps mean and how they all work together to get you moving in the right direction.

With all of this there’s always fear that we have to deal with…so I talk about how to handle that.

Also, I give a solid take on money and it’s proper place in your life as you find and develop your purpose project.
My challenge to you this week is to take an action, any action at all, towards something you feel you would like to explore a little deeper.

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