Stuck in a Snowstorm : Lesson Learned

It took me getting stuck in a snowstorm and an 11 hour journey home to learn a valuable lesson about listening to the universe and going with the flow.
This week, I talk about the surprising events that occurred on my ride home last week from Las Vegas.
It was a journey I have taken hundreds of times, but this time was much different.
And, along the way I encountered a number of very interesting things, including a snowball fight in the middle of a highway and a stranger that came from out of the blue to deliver a message from the universe.
Topics I talk about include:

Why we take action against the flow

How being stuck is just a lesson in disguise

How different people cope while facing the same adversity

What is Linear Logic and why did I hold onto it so tightly?

Why you should always listen to the signs, especially if they are coming at you, hardcore

And, the benefits of being more fluid and open-minded in times of trouble

Looking back at a time you were “stuck”, can you think of the reasons you ended up there and how you learned from that experience?
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