Story About Hot Dogs, A Traumatized Uncle and the Awkwardness of Success

This week I talk about Success and success (two different things) by telling the story of grilling hot dogs with my traumatized uncle.

This episode all came from an article I was reading a couple of days ago about success.

There was a great line in the article that talked about forward movement requiring

Intention and Effort AND Awkwardness.

It was the awkwardness that jumped off the page for me because it is so true!!

There is not a success that has ever been succeeded successfully without some form of messy or awkward or failure.

So, why is it that most of us have such a hard time accepting the awkwardness of our journey?

Why is it that so many of us stop our forward movement when we stumble or when we create a result that wasn’t exactly like we wanted?

Long ago, my uncle used to work at a factory that made hot dogs in Los Angeles.

And, when he saw me grabbing that dog off the grill at that family outing, he couldn’t hide his horror and seeing someone actually eat a hot dog.

Because, as unbelievably delicious as they are, the process to make them is ugly, messing, disgusting and…awkward.

But, in the end, a hot dog wouldn’t be a hot dog without the bad parts.

In the end, you won’t grow and expand and evolve to your fully-bloomed amazing self without the bad parts.

Embrace the awkward!


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