Stop Treading Water and Make the Right Decision

Treading Water Comes From Indecision
Treading water can come from a place where you’re up against a very difficult decision and instead of making your choice, you just tread water, waiting for a sign…waiting for your true self voice to come out and give you a sense of direction.

Lexi is back to talk about Millennial life transition and how to effectively tread water until you can get your bearings and decide which direction to swim.

Lexi brings up the term Millennial is being thrown around in a bad way instead of being proud of being a part of the most impactful generation in the last 100 years.

The show takes on Millennial thoughts on making difficult decisions and looking for mentors and advice from Gen X’ers and Boomers…ones that want to learn from you and you from them.

Lexi had a lot to share and wanted to tell her story about going through an identity search about what her life means and what’s important, all while trying to keep her head above water and deal with the everyday life stuff.

She then brings up the fact that being open to opportunities leads to being overwhelmed, and then how to choose the opportunity to act on and at the same time nourish her personal relationships.

Lexi is in a place where she comfortable following her intuition as well as gaining valuable feedback along the way by asking advice from her close friends.
The Importance of Feedback
Tony brings up the fact that advice is to be used as feedback and not as decision.  Someone else’s opinion needs to be taken into consideration with your own feelings where you confidently make your decision, whether you agree with your friend’s opinion or not.

Lexi and Tony then talk about progress and expansion and the fact that growth NEVER comes when you’re comfortable.  Growth is uncomfortable and it’s about taking that baby step out of your comfort zone in order to expand into the person you want to experience.

There’s a story Lexi shares about a friend of hers that is experiencing a crisis where she is feels as though she needs more “self” space, but doesn’t want to get out of her great relationship.  Tony brings up the point that it all comes down to choice in that matter.  It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about REALLY listening to your true self, ground yourself, and then being confident in your choice.  The knowing comes from the doing…plain and simple.