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This show is designed to Entertain, Educate and Enlighten you to rise above the roadblocks and confusion and live life on your own terms. Along with special guests, Tony Dufresne, PhD (Philosopher, Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist and Life Transition Coach) is all about sharpening your critical thinking skills and sharing tips and advice on topics you face everyday like feeling lost, making a big life decision, relationship conflicts, creating a sense of purpose and direction in life, being true to who you really are, dating, break-ups, finding a job, changing careers and creating loving relationships. Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast.

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How to Take The Pain out of The Struggle with The Butterfly Story

As I sat down to do my usual weekly research for a show topic, I came across a story about a man and a butterfly and realized we actually need the struggle but NOT the PAIN that comes with it. So, How do we accept the struggle and get rid of the pai…

How to Reorganize Your Relationships After the Stress of Isolation

How to Reorganize Your relationships after the stress of isolation has shown you who should be in your tribe and who should be cut loose.

Doubting the Experts, Brown Cows and the Power in Changing Your Mind

The power of the Scientific Method includes changing your mind based on new information. What politicians don’t understand about the science could lead to..

What Does Tying Your Shoes Have To Do With Awareness, Protest and Change?

How tying your shoes is a perfect example of systemic racism Why Awareness is such a powerful tool for Change – How the research scientist, Peter Turchin, predicted the 2020 protests How the power of PROTEST is all about Awareness

Being Elmo, Making History and the Power of Momentum

This week’s podcast episode is about committing to cause of equality and anti-racism and decency and a higher level of humanity…you know, just like Elmo.