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This show is designed to Entertain, Educate and Enlighten you to rise above the roadblocks and confusion and live life on your own terms. Along with special guests, Tony Dufresne, PhD (Philosopher, Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist and Life Transition Coach) is all about sharpening your critical thinking skills and sharing tips and advice on topics you face everyday like feeling lost, making a big life decision, relationship conflicts, creating a sense of purpose and direction in life, being true to who you really are, dating, break-ups, finding a job, changing careers and creating loving relationships. Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast.

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How to Feel Happy With What You Have

This week’s episode is all about how to feel happy with what you have right now! I share a story about a guy named Apicius that shows exactly how...

How to Stop Procrastinating

There is actually a proven way to stop procrastinating but even when I share that with you in this week’s show, you may not want to stop.

Steps to Writing Out Your Own Hero’s Journey

Good news is, you have the ability to write out your own story using this guide, which is referred to as the Hero’s Journey.

How To Be A Hero, by Captain Tom Moore

This podcast episode is all about using Captain Tom Moore’s life as a guide to being a Hero and how to inspire people by just being you.

How to Crush It! , by Amanda Gorman

Listen to this if you want to know exactly how to crush life. Amanda Gorman, American poet, crushed her poem, “The Hill We Climb” and in the process showed...

A Perfectionist's Guide to Imperfect Success

In this week’s podcast episode two perfectionists explain the struggle and how to imperfectly move forward into success. My good friend Mariah ( shares her story about her struggles...

The New Year’s KISS That Will Change Your Life

In this week’s show I offer you a much easier and cheaper alternative to all the self-improvement programs that will clog your newsfeeds over the next couple of months.

How a Bad Golfer Can Eliminate Your Anxiety

What if I told you there is a way to eliminate anxiety by simply knowing the difference between probability and possibility?

Unshakeable Confidence and Flow as Taught by a Child in a Corn Maze

Are you constantly chasing positive emotions in a maze right now? Trying to force your way through? Running up against the same dead ends then wasting time by getting down on yourself or upset then projecting that energy onto someone else?