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This show is designed to Entertain, Educate and Enlighten you to rise above the roadblocks and confusion and live life on your own terms. Along with special guests, Tony Dufresne, PhD (Philosopher, Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist and Life Transition Coach) is all about sharpening your critical thinking skills and sharing tips and advice on topics you face everyday like feeling lost, making a big life decision, relationship conflicts, creating a sense of purpose and direction in life, being true to who you really are, dating, break-ups, finding a job, changing careers and creating loving relationships. Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast.

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Life with COVID-19

This week’s podcast I share my life with Covid-19 over the past two weeks and thoughts on how to get through it or how to help a friend.

It’s WOKE o’ Clock … Time to Get Up!

This week’s podcast is about two semi-woke people coming to terms with the current state of divisiveness and thinking out loud about what we need to do now that the election is over.

Story About Wolves, a Butterfly and the Incredible Power of Your Actions

This week’s Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is revealing the immense power of your actions by sharing a story about 14 wolves and a butterfly.

Frankenstein Explains the Social Dilemma

In this week’s podcast episode our favorite man-made monster, Frankenstein, explains the movie, “The Social Dilemma”.

A Sweaty Frog’s Important Message About GASLIGHTING

This show explains everything about Gaslighting and what to look out for if you suspect a gaslighter is trying to manipulate you.

Finding the Truth in a Sea of Lies

This week’s podcast is about the Truth…it’s out there and the best way to find it is to use your critical thinking skills…Here’s how

The Healthy Way to Vent Your Problems in an Out of Control World

This week’s podcast episode is about our current anxiety coming from an out of control world and how to feel better by venting our frustrations the right way.

Could You Make a Big Life Decision on a Coin Flip?

Has the isolation, anxiety and uncertainty from the pandemic fallout got you thinking you’re not where you should be in your life?