It’s been a while but I’m back with a new show geared towards Women’s Confidence.

I am transitioning the Surrounded by Idiots Podcast to the She Talks Confidence Podcast.

So, the next few shows will be here but soon I will transition to the new show’s podcast platform.

I will let you know when and where, so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s show.

The new show will be an interview format, each week bringing on a powerful woman to share a story of Confidence or lack of Confidence and how she was able to learn and grow and become more empowered through her experience.

I kick off the new format with a terrific guest, Gia Lacqua

Gia is a widely-regarded empowerment coach and motivational speaker. She is also the author of the Limitless Little Leaders children’s book series, a board member with the Girl Scouts of Northern NJ, a girl-mom, and women’s advocate.

She brings 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry leading companies, teams, and individuals through strategic change and growth, and most recently served as Vice President of a Fortune 100 Company.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development, and she is a Trauma-Informed Certified Coach. Her insights have been featured in well-known media outlets such as Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. As an empowerment coach she supports high-achieving women who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled find her inner harmony and reclaim her life so she can show up as the¬†extraordinary¬†woman she knows she is capable of being.

In the show Gia talks about a terrible health scare that finally got her to prioritize herself, creating Confidence in who she is and how she wants to show up, everyday, for not only her daughter and her clients, but for herself.

If you’re interested in speaking with Gia, you can contact her at

I hope you enjoy the show and, as usual, if you have any comments, send me a note at