Shaping Up Your Body Image

This show is about shaping up your body image , or learning to be cool with how your body looks right now.

This is a HUGE issue with a lot of people, and an issue that both Tony and his guest host, Mariah have dealt with their entire lives.

There’s no getting around the fact that most of us are pretty critical when it comes to how we look…and our opinion can even change from moment to moment based on our mood at any point in time.

So, this week, Tony and Mariah share some personal stories and tips on their own issues with body image and how they have reached a point where they are able to accept their human form for what it is and not let it get in the way of their inner confidence.

During the show, Mariah shares her funny story on when she had her “sexual awakening”, which involved an oiled up stripper in an uptown New York City strip club.

Tony then shares the thought process a guy goes through when it comes to that point in sexy time when the clothes start coming off.

Spoiler alert:  If he’s into you up to that point, he WILL be turned on by your sexy naked body…warts and all…so, as Mariah put it…

…let your inner Lioness out…get naked…and be wild and free…accept and enjoy the moment.

As the show winds down, Mariah shares a funny story about fit pregnant moms and the over-achievers in her college newsletter.

Thanks to Mariah for sitting in for Lexi, who continues to battle her work schedule.