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Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, your one stop shop for relationship and dating insights, life hacks, and all other info deemed fit for the bold and unapologetic. Tony Dufresne, Ph.D., Philosophy Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Author, talks all things having to do with taking that next step into a more fulfilling life…the specific topics that unfulfilled people face everyday (life, love, money, student loans, online dating, successful relationships, finding yourself, being true to yourself, how to communicate with Idiots, etc.). And, when you’re surrounded by idiots, Tony and his special guests will throw you a life line so you can rise above the unwashed masses and live life on your own terms. I guarantee, this show will 3 “E” your brains out (Entertain, Educate and Enlighten).

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Latest Episodes

Goodbye to Languishing and Pandemic Fatigue and Hello to New World Anxiety!

Are you as fed up as I am with the pandemic, the isolation, the joyless fatigue and languishing through everyday life right now?   And, for some reason, is the opening back up of things creating a confusing level of anxiety in you?  ...

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How to Instantly Change Your Life

This week’s episode reveals one tiny action you can take that can instantly change your life. It’s all about making one simple choice before you: Lose your temper Decide to do something that you know will lead to you feeling bad about yourself Take...

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How to Prevent Burnout While Working at Home

Over the last year, Burnout has become a big topic and a big problem for those of us working at home. In this week’s show, I talk about my 35 years of working from home (and being a single parent raising a daughter while...

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How to Stop Overreacting and Overthinking Before You Regret It

This week’s podcast episode is all about how to stop overreacting and overthinking before you end up doing something or saying something you know you’ll regret later. To overreact is to lose control, and without control of our emotions, we tend to do really...

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How to Feel Happy With What You Have

This week’s episode is all about how to feel happy with what you have right now! I share a story about a guy named Apicius that shows exactly how NOT to be happy. His tragic story shows the power we all have to choose...

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How to Stop Procrastinating

There is actually a proven way to stop procrastinating but even when I share that with you in this week's show, you may not want to stop.

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