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Welcome to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, your one stop shop for relationship and dating insights, life hacks, and all other info deemed fit for the bold and unapologetic. Tony Dufresne, Ph.D., Philosophy Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Author, talks all things having to do with taking that next step into a more fulfilling life…the specific topics that unfulfilled people face everyday (life, love, money, student loans, online dating, successful relationships, finding yourself, being true to yourself, how to communicate with Idiots, etc.). And, when you’re surrounded by idiots, Tony and his special guests will throw you a life line so you can rise above the unwashed masses and live life on your own terms. I guarantee, this show will 3 “E” your brains out (Entertain, Educate and Enlighten).

Welcome and Make it Happen!


Latest Episodes

Mad Skills for Mastering Relationships

This week’s podcast episode exposes the secret ingredient needed to master your relationships, regardless if you are: In a good relationship In a bad relationship Starting a new relationship Just got dumped Just dumped someone Trying to deal with the pain of a bad...

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Single at 40 and Lonely?

Take it from me…I’ve been there…Single at 40 … lonely … thinking I’m too old to find anyone now. Yeah, I get it, but guess what? There is a solution to being alone at 40 or 50, or even 60+. And in this week’s...

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In Your 30’s and Single … Is There Hope?

If you are almost 30, in your 30’s or wish you were 30, and single, then you’re in the right place. In this week’s podcast I answer a question a lot of my client’s have right now… I’m 30 and still single … is...

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Top 10 Regrets in Life By Those About To Die

This week’s show talks about the top 10 regrets in life by those about to die and by those that are still alive and working towards a NO RAGRETS life (not even one letter). According to a fantastic book by nurse Bronnie Ware, interestingly...

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Should I Quit My Job and Follow My Dream?

The thought of quitting your job to follow your dream has never been more popular. The latest research shows over 40% of working people are looking to quit and find a job that is more fulfilling. Question is: Do you want to quit and...

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You Are Definitely A 10/10 on the Attraction Scale … Here’s How I Know

I can say, without any doubt…You’re Definitely a 10/10 on the Attraction Scale. It all comes down to having a little perspective and seeing the big picture. I have to ask… What was your gut reaction to the title of this podcast? People’s tendency...

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