New Beginnings, Millennial Style

Today’s Walk of Shame episode is all about New Beginnings, Millennial Style.
Walk of Shame New Beginnings
As I’ve talked about over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided to expand the concept of the Walk of Shame Podcast theme of relationships and dating, to a broader life philosophy podcast that goes along with my Millennial Mentor consulting business and with the themes I write about in my upcoming book,
“Surrounded by Idiots…3 ½ Action Steps to Rise Above the Unwashed Masses and Live Life on Your Own Terms”.
The new Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast will still cover important relationship and dating issues, but it will also get into some cool self-improvement tools and perspective and gettin’ your mind right and how to make really tough decisions and better ways to communicate and overall, how to dial yourself in to your purpose (or what you want your purpose to be).
Millennial Issues
And, since I work with Millennial-aged clients, my book and the new podcast will be geared towards more specific Millennial issues…issues that have become very important to your generation like values and the importance of experiences in life and living with debt and living a life with meaning and re-thinking the importance of things and being more value centered than rule-centered while trying to find a job in a rule-centered business environment.  There’s a ton to talk about and I’m really looking forward to it.

And, in this show Mariah and I start off and talk about her big New Beginnings right now which is having a new baby AND getting ready to make a cross-country move.  Mariah was very honest about the issues that come when big life shifts happen and how to keep things in perspective and how to be more aware of the subtle things that come along with big life changes.

Mariah brings up an excellent point about being in a relationship and having a family of her own and then having to move closer to her extended family, and the issues that will come up now that she doesn’t have that distance “buffer”.  She talks about the absolute need to draw new boundaries…which is a huge step, and an important one.

Especially for Millennials, establishing new “adult” boundaries with your parents is a very important step as you get older and sometimes.  However, depending on your relationship with your parents, this could be a little difficult.
The Old Millennials versus the New Millennials
Then, at the end of the show, we talk about the distinct difference between the younger and older Millennials.  Mariah happens to be located in the older group and she gives some great input about the difference from her perspective.

Ultimately this is not the end of the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast, but a New Beginnings, Millennial Style, in the form of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast.