Never Satisfied? This is Why and It’s Not Your Fault

Are you the type of person who never seems satisfied…who is always moving the carrot on yourself?
…who succeeds at something and immediately sees even more problems and obstacles?
It’s All Instinctual and Subconscious
Well, actually we are all instinctually programmed to feel this way…you can thank our caveman forefathers.

On this episode I talk about the new, groundbreaking study that was just published by Harvard that talks about this thing we are wrestle with…they call it
Prevalence-Induced Concept Change
When you improve your life, you will then judge your life based on your new and improved situation.

And since we all have to deal with this one way or the other, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a life hack to get you past that unfulfilled feeling and back on the improvement and expansion track.
I also share my pick for three positive stories that have happened lately, including:

Japan’s classy move during the World Cup
A police officer going above and beyond to help a guy outside of Walmart
A bride that saved a stranger’s baby having that same little girl be her flower girl at her wedding.

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