Millennial Moms Talk Goddess Myth, Mom Shaming and Finding Your Tribe

How Parenting is A Lot Different Now
This week, I invited two of my Millennial Mom friends to share their stories and opinions about the Goddess Myth, Mom Shaming, Idiots on the Internet, and finding your tribe that will support your decisions as you navigate this new and very different time of your life.

As a single parent that raised my daughter before the age of the internet, I was very interested to hear how much being a parent has changed with all of the social media pressures and expectations new parents heap on themselves to do everything right or face the wrath of the shamers.
Very Pregnant Sierra’s Tips on Dealing with Idiots
My friend, Sierra, is very pregnant and about to have her little girl any time now. If you recall, Sierra has been on the show previously talking about body shaming and acceptance as a certified personal trainer and one who has battled body image her whole life.

So, I thought it would be great to get her take on going through the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy as well as dealing with all of the so-called “experts” out there that have been more than happy to “tell” her exactly how she should take care of herself and how to have the baby.

Sierra also shares a very powerful story about why she changed providers at 35 weeks…hint…it had something to do with the very caring bedside manner of her provider!

Out of her ordeal, she wrote a powerful blog post about “Trusting Your Instincts”
New Mom Mariah’s Journey Through Mom Shamers, Comparing and Self-Doubt
I was also very excited to welcome back Mariah to the show. She is the proud mom of a 14 month old snappy dressing, world-traveling dude. Mariah had a lot to share about pregnancy pressures from social media, the benefits of having a solid support group through pregnancy, how to be ok with the delivery or breastfeeding or parenting an infant a little bit different than you anticipated…and…

…the big secret behind online mom support groups.

We also talk about Mariah’s blog, “And Mango Makes Three”. More specifically, about a couple of posts she wrote about “Manufacturing Memories” and “Comparing and Overthinking”.
Why Do So Many Moms Feel So Bad About Themselves?
As a part of the discussion, I read a portion of a Time Magazine article entitled, “Why Do So Many Moms Feel So Bad About Themselves?” … How a vision of perfect motherhood hurts moms”.

In this article, it talks about the Goddess Myth and the pressures put on new moms in the social media age and the widespread use of mom-shaming if a new mom decides to take a different path through pregnancy or motherhood.

As a single dad, I have nothing but mad respect for Sierra, Mariah and all you pregnant, soon-to-be pregnant or Millennial moms. In today’s environment you have to put up with a lot of crap that I never had to, and you continue to crush it…well done!

If you have a pregnancy, mom shaming, goddess myth, manipulating toddler, new mom story you would like to share, please let me know at

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