Making Your Own Millennial Christmas Traditions

Hey!  You’re an independent, strong-minded, confident, take no prisoners Millennial…don’t you think it’s time to take a good look at all those Christmas traditions and make your own Millennial Christmas Traditions?

This week on the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, Tony and Lexi talk about:

Where some of the most common Christmas traditions came from
How Your Christmas experience changes as you get older…and…
How to effective put your Millennial mark on your family’s Christmas Traditions

If you haven’t researched it already, the Christmas traditions we are so accustomed to actually come from rather strange beginnings.

Some of the interesting points Tony brings to light:

When the celebration of Christmas actually began
Why it’s on December 25th
What holiday was celebrated on December 25th before Christmas replaced it
The fascinating story behind the Roman festival of Saturnalia
The point in history where celebrating Christmas would land you in jail
Who started the tradition in America
The power of tradition and how the masses accept traditions based on social order
The truth behind Xmas versus Christmas

Tony asks what traditions are you following that may be making your holiday season a stressful one instead of being what it should be, which is a time of inner peace and communicating your love and care for the people in your inner circle.

In the second half of the show, Tony and Lexi open up about how the Christmas experience changes as you get older.

Lexi talks about the point in time where she felt she was being more of a leader, or a decision maker in the holiday traditions that are celebrated by her family.

Tony and Lexi bring to light the very narrow perspective that surrounds giving one day more importance than another and how that impacts your life and your travel plans and your vacation time.

And then finally, it comes down to you, as an empowered Millennial, to take a step forward and challenge some of the traditions that may be making your holiday season anxiety-filled, depressing or just sad.

Tony and Lex talk about the pressure that Millennials face when they question traditions and then take steps to change them…the way the family reacts when they start to rock the boat.

Then the discussion shifts to the power of effective communication when you try to change some long-standing traditions.

We hope you enjoy the show and your Christmas!