This week’s podcast episode exposes the secret ingredient needed to master your relationships, regardless if you are:

  • In a good relationship
  • In a bad relationship
  • Starting a new relationship
  • Just got dumped
  • Just dumped someone
  • Trying to deal with the pain of a bad breakup
  • Desperately wanting to be in a relationship
  • Never been in a serious relationship


Stuff I talk about include:

  • The research that shows the similarity between a broken arm and a broken heart
  • The actual process you need to go through to mend a broken heart
  • Does a rebound relationship really help?
  • What is ” Fungible ” and why you should know it?
  • Does the perfect man or perfect woman exist?
  • The good and the bad of online dating
  • Knowing your mental checklist and how that will help with your relationship

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