Life with COVID-19

This week’s podcast episode I share my life with Covid-19 over the past two weeks.

Because this virus attacks the central nervous system, it’s not just the physical symptoms, but people also have to deal with significant mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

And even though I would be considered a “mild” case, I have been dealing with all of those issues.

So, I thought I’d share with you my covid experience including:

All the precautions I took and how I eventually got it from a very unlikely placeMy first symptoms and why I thought I should get testedHow my life changed immediately after finding out I was positiveWhat physical symptoms I have and the typical symptoms I didn’t getThe most frustrating part about the physical symptomsThe psychological / mental stress that comes with battling the CoronavirusThe new study from the Lancet that sheds light on the significant unseen impact of the virusThe philosophical / spiritual questions that come up when dealing with Covid-19

Lastly, I would like to share my thoughts on how to process this virus if you get it or how to help someone you know that has or will unfortunately contract Covid.

Don’t be fooled by that Orange Psychopath currently (but not for long) occupying the White House, this virus is serious and can impact you on a number of levels.

Be safe, wear your mask and be responsible.

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