It’s WOKE o’ Clock … Time to Get Up!

This week’s podcast is about two semi-woke people coming to terms with the current state of divisiveness and thinking out loud about what we need to do now that the election is over.

Because, once again, my show is about a touchy social topic, there are a lot of people that will never get this post because our social media platform friends can discern between constructive dialogue and hate speech.

That being said, I hope, maybe after listening, you would be kind enough to post yourself or at least share with one other person, because the time is now to take real action to get back to becoming a united country.

And, for those of you not living in the U.S., inside the show you will find a very satisfying Humble Pie Eating Contest.

In the show, my good friend and author of the popular “Mama Love Movement” blog, Mariah Peric, talk about:

How a win is really not a win The power of the Fear of Change and how we can change thatWhat Genie is out of what bottle and why that’s a good thingHow a country built on individuality needs to think like a team player in order to surviveWhat we can all do to start the healing process, become more woke and help the wokeless

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