Is Modern Marriage a Trap for Millennials?

Given that Millennials are taking even longer to get married, if they do at all, I have to ask, Is Modern Marriage a Trap?
This week on the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, my special guest, Millennial dad Josh, and me dig deep into these questions about marriage:
1. When did the concept of marriage begin?
2. Why did people get married back in the day?
3. When did Love and Monogamy start to matter in a marriage?
4. Why do Millennials have so many reasons / excuses NOT to get married?
5. Why do so many people feel pressured to get married?
6. What really is the whole point on being married?
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In the second half of the show, Tony reads from a recent article that was published in Time Magazine, titled “The Modern Marriage Trap” and then discusses with Josh the ways that men and women can create a successful marriage partnership IF they master this one very important skill.

The article also reveals a number of very interesting points about who is happiest in a marriage and why women tend to be the gender with the most “occupied mind”.
Tony and Josh finish the show off by sharing their own marriage / relationship experiences and the best tips they have for creating and sustaining the healthiest teamwork relationship possible.