If you are almost 30, in your 30’s or wish you were 30, and single, then you’re in the right place.

In this week’s podcast I answer a question a lot of my client’s have right now…

I’m 30 and still single … is there hope?

You and I know that the answer is obviously “yes” but you and I also know that’s really not the question that is being asked.

The question is more about getting real with yourself about your confidence and

how much you believe in your current path and

questioning what you’ve done wrong or what you’re doing wrong that’s keeping that special person from being a part of your life.

Good news is, I can help you figure this out by sharing a story about playing a game of Uno with my granddaughter.

For the record, most of life’s secrets can be solved by playing Uno.

But for now, let’s stick to finding you someone that deserves YOU. Yes, there is hope, but you have to BELIEVE and the best way to do that is…


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