How to Win Over Your SO's Family

This week, author and mentor, Bob Marsocci joined Tony to share his tips on how to successfully win over your SO’s family. Bob’s upcoming book is titled, “You Exhaust Me: A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage”.

Tony gets Bob to share some of his most successful strategies for navigating the minefield of creating a workable relationship with your significant other’s family.  Because, once you are in a committed relationship, you become an extended part of the family.

That’s when the fun begins because, even though you and your sweetie are solid, doesn’t mean the family will give their stamp of approval on you.  And, if they do, then how do your expectations for your relationship jive with the family’s expectations?   God knows you’re in for a fight if you don’t agree on religion, politics, cultural issues or where to spend the holidays.

Bob’s personal experience was meeting and dating someone from a different country and being faced with very different views on life from his girlfriend’s (now wife’s) family.  Over the years, he’s developed some solid strategies to cultivate a good relationship with her family and, in doing so, has strengthened his relationship with his wife.
Some of the strategies Bob shares include:

Respecting the incredible power of a Woman’s intuition

Setting appropriate boundaries

What to say and not to say

How to pick your battles

When to put your own Ego aside and take one for the team

How to handle a situation that has spiraled out of control (A Christmas Disaster)

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Tony winds up the show by quoting an article from titled, “How Healthy Couples Deal with Their In-Laws”.
The article talks about what tools every couple needs to navigate the In-Laws, such as




Thick skin-ification (not a word, but I think you know what I mean).

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