How to Take a Guilt-Free Food Vacation

When I say Food Vacation, I’m talking about taking a vacation from your typical eating plan…going nuts and indulging until your crushing guilt or tight pants signals it’s time to get back on track.
Along with my expert and cookbook author Patricia Byers, I explore the way you can say, “screw it”, go off of your eating plan and enjoy yourself while still being in control and living the high life guilt-free until you reel yourself back into your healthy eating plan.

Patricia, author of the vegetarian cookbook, “Enduring Weight Maintenance” (available on Amazon) has spent years going on and off food vacations and has discovered a way to transition back to a healthy eating plan with a number of delicious recipes that will act as a smooth transition from your vacation indulgences.
In the show we talk about:

Our own good and bad experiences with food vacations

Why it may not be a choice for you to take a food vacation

A desert recipe that is virtually guilt-free while being delicious and easy to prepare

A simple cheese appetizer recipe that will blow your mind

Here’s the .pdf for the Cheddar version

Here’s the .pdf for the Fontina version

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